Catch the Flies!

Using the tutorial available at, I was able to create my very first video game using C# programming and Unity to build it. Below are links to download the video game for your computer based on the operating system (Linux, Mac, Windows).

CatchTheFliesLINUX                          CatchTheFliesMAC                    CatchTheFliesWINDOWS


Using the arrows on your keyboard, guide the frog around the arena and attempt to catch as many flies as possible. For each fly caught, your score will increase. Watch out for the hungry duck! If he catches you, it’s game over!


Everything you see was created by following the step-by-step tutorial videos listed on Every resource used was made and is property of TeamTreehouse. The tutorial was very simple to follow and did not require a huge amount of time to go through. I created this game during my free time between classes during the college semester, and I had no prior skill or experience using C# language or the Unity game engine. If you would like to build this yourself, just follow the link above and get started (TeamTreehouse requires your email and a subscription). No programming experience is necessary. Hope you enjoy!


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